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Tight marketing budget? Maximise it in three easy steps.

Tight marketing budget? Maximise it in three easy steps.


There are two certainties in your life as a brand manager:


 1. You need to spend money to make money, and

 2. Management prefers it when you don’t spend anything.


With rising targets, on one hand, crazy KPI’s on the other and shrinking marketing budgets squeezed between them, the demand to “do more with less” has become a daily challenge for brand managers.  One that needs to be overcome for the brand to survive.

This common issue may seem like the ultimate paradox, but what if you could maximise your budget are three simple steps – regardless of how small it is?


Step 1: Level the playing field.


Until now, the brand with the biggest budget gets the most exposure.  Green Media levels the playing field by creating powerful partnerships between your brand and local and national media outlets. 

Whether you’re looking for airtime on a station with a niche listenership, billboards in SA’s busiest locations, coveted space in a print publication, real estate on a high-traffic digital space, or even something you’ve never considered before due to budget constraints, Green Media grows your business using the Media Owners subscribed to our Online Media Barter Platform.

By leveraging our relationships in both the above-the-line and below-the-line advertising spaces, the range of available options puts amplified brand exposure on the map regardless of your spending power.


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Step 2: Increase brand exposure.


You don’t necessarily need to have infinite budgets to secure prime advertising space.  Unsold product in your inventory has substantial monetary value and can be used in place of traditional financial methods to pay for your marketing.


Not only does this allow you to stretch your resources much further but it provides a platform for you to increase your exposure by maximising your budget while simultaneously reducing the real cost of your advertising.


An often-overlooked spin-off of bartering your product for advertising space is the fact it creates additional exposure through sampling opportunities, as media owners distribute items to their audience (and sometimes even charities, which is not only great for your corporate image but can give you a substantial tax break too).


Green Media amplifies the barter process by transacting at scale with the ability to transact and project manage over 130 media opportunities. We engineer the best possible result by managing each unique deal from start to finish, ensuring every transaction is a win/win for both the brand and advertising channel.


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Step 3: Create positive ripple effects.


The positive effects of exchanging your product for marketing space extend further than simply levelled playing fields and increased brand exposure. 


Benefits also include:


  • Get more advertising (break free from restrictive marketing budgets)
  • The monetisation of your unsold product (great for your balance sheet)
  • Reduced wastage (making you more eco-friendly)
  • Increased warehouse space (making way for new products)
  • Minimised shrinkage (if it’s not there, it can’t be stolen)

Maximise your marketing budget today!


With Green Media handling the logistics the starting point for you is as simple as registering on our Online Media Barter Platform.


With Green Media handling the logistics the starting point for you is as simple as registering on our Online Media Barter Platform.


Taking less than 15 seconds to register, you will have access to opportunities that have helped dozens of brands save over R50 million in advertising spend. Opportunities that were, until now, invisible to your brand. 


It really is as simple as that. 

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Donating unsold product through Green Media is different. 

You add value to society by helping those in need because a sizable portion of your product can go to charity while you get advertising in return!

This was the case with Blue Diamond Growers (through their licensee partner Good Hope International Beverages) exchange with Green Media. They received Outdoor advertising for their Almond Milk.  A large portion of the Milk was donated to Little Eden, bringing much relief and joy.


“Thank you for helping to continue ensuring that our residents have an oasis of Love & Care where they can feel comfortable, loved and protected. Through your support, our residents can understand that they matter and that they have value.”

Xelda Rohrbeck
Chief Executive Office – Little Eden Society




“It’s been an absolute pleasure to have partnered with Green Media in this trade exchange – enabling us to affordably market our portfolio to our valued customers, as well as for our products to hopefully bring some enjoyment to these two very special organizations.

It has been wonderful for us to have been involved in some small way, and we hope that our Almond Breeze® portfolio brings enjoyment to both recipients, who represent some of the values that Blue Diamond Growers strive toward as well – namely partnership and integrity.
We look forward to similar initiatives in the future!”

Björn Grobler
Country Manager Middle East & Africa
Blue Diamond Growers


Through our Online Media Barter Platform, we help Brands not lose money by exchanging their unsold product for advertising and charities survive and thrive!

Reply in the below section, To Donate A Sizable Portion Of Your Unsold Product To Charity And Get Advertising In Return!


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