Exchange your unsold goods
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Monetise Unsold Products
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We exchange your unsold goods for advertising so you can move merchandise
and increase sales.

As the Brand or Marketing Manager of a consumer goods company, we know you are the bold forward thinking Marketing Guru type

We believe you shouldn’t be responsible for an unpredictable market that has left you with excessive stock. You’re stressed because it’s costing you money and you’re concerned about how you’re going to move your goods.

After working with global companies in a similar position, we can relate to how discouraging it is when merchandise isn’t selling, which is why our goal is to convert R150 million of unsold products into advertising by 1 January 2025.

We have helped companies save more than R67 Million over the last ten years by swopping their surplus inventory for media.

There are over 2 385 advertising opportunities nationwide on our Media Barter Platform.


your oversupplied products


it for marketing


your sales target!

This gives you the ability to reach SA consumers more than 128 million times. You can broadcast your marketing message on TV, Radio, Outdoor, Online, and more.

Our team of media exchange experts will develop a unique ad barter strategy with your objectives in mind and manage the whole process from start to finish for an easy and hassle-free successful advertising campaign that runs across multiple media platforms.

You shouldn’t have to feel discouraged because your customers aren’t buying

Be the bold Marketing Guru who saves the day by swapping your excess stock for media


If you have unsold product in your warehouse, you could be sitting on a goldmine that’s just waiting to be repurposed like a lousy gift that will get you to the next level of advertising AND a few higher rungs than that, on a much smaller budget.

Leading global cosmetics company recently had a marketing challenge due to the pandemic. Sales had plummeted, and their advertising allocation had been slashed. Try that on for size when digging yourself out of a sales deficit while trying to drum up sales when there is no money to spend.

Exchanging their unsold product for advertising was the solution that got them back up, dusted off and ready to take on the world again, lipstick in place, thank you.

The cosmetic giant received close to R10 Million in advertising on billboards, mall media and radio.

Register today at and disrupt conventional thinking to convert your redundant merchandise into marketing that will drives the sales of your goods.

You deserve to have an empty warehouse AND a jump in sales.


A team that is 100% focused on trade exchanges. Media Bartering is not a side gig where you use your niece to photograph your wedding day because it’s her new best hobby, and she got an Instamatic camera for the holidays. It requires an experienced professional team to avoid disaster

The organization needs to have at least a decade of media trade exchange experience with global multinationals. Would you want to be your wedding planners first customer? They need to demonstrate their ten-year track record.

They should have the legal infrastructure that has been tested in the marketplace to ensure correct governance on all their exchange transactions.

When you experience FOMO, of not getting to the next level of advertising exposure to generate the sales you
deserve because of budget restrictions, remember there is another way. You can have your cake and eat it.
Increasing your advertising reach exponentially need not be impossible. It can be achieved by exchanging your
over stocked goods for media.

Register today at to be the visionary marketer that turns their excess inventory into advertising and branding. 

You have the right to get more brand exposure for your marketing campaign!

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