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It’s no secret that many South Africans lack the resources for basic amenities. People often feel regret because they don’t have the capacity to help those less fortunate.

Having been in the position in the past where we couldn’t donate much, we understand how discouraging that is.

Because of this, we have started the ‘Green Giveback Pledge’. We pledge to donate 10% of our merchandise to charity

Our goal is to contribute over 150 Million in merchandise by 1 Jan 2025 to those in need. To start ‘The Green Giveback Pledge’ we committed R5,3m in stock to be delivered to charity in the first half of 2022 alone.

You help contribute each time you embark on an exchange through Green Media whether you are a Media Owner or a Brand Owner due to our Pledge.

How do you contribute goods to charity? Simply click on the link below and one of our Account Managers will get into contact.

We would like to thank you most sincerely for the support you so unselfishly afforded us with this huge donation.

Your thoughtfulness and generosity go a long way to enable the caring staff of Edenvale Care Centre Hospice to continue with their work of caring for the terminally ill, less fortunate members of our community thank you so much for taking the time to assist us.

Marlene Hooper
Edenvale Centre Hospice

Thank you for helping to continue ensuring that our residents have an oasis of Love & Care where they can feel comfortable, loved and protected.

Through your support, our residents can understand that they matter and that they have value.

Xelda Rohrbeck
Chief Executive Officer

The primary purpose of Jicama 89 is to support organizations in their efforts to meeting the needs of those less able and less fortunate.

Thank you very much for your generous donation towards the Sibonile School for Visually Impaired children.

Dorcas Boyina
Products Co-Ordinator

Through Green Media’s “Green Giveback” initiative we can donate your products to a charity of your choice.

Please mail us at to add your charity to our donation list.