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Frequently Asked Questions

Your products get a second life! They are used by Media Owners for promotions and packaged as exclusive gifts at events. This not only helps move your inventory but also provides your brand with additional, free exposure.

We prioritise your brand’s integrity and safety. We have invested significant effort into establishing legal contracts that clearly state exchanged products cannot be resold. Full transparency is a key part of our operations; we ensure you are informed about where your product is going and how it will be used. Your trust and product security are our utmost concerns.

Yes, you absolutely can. We have various strategies in place to ensure product exchanges, including near to expired stock, work beneficially for our media owners. Rest assured; you can leave this aspect to our capable hands.

We operate with Rate Card Rates excluding VAT, mirroring how we use your Recommended Selling Price (RSP) excluding VAT.

Exchange to Win-A-New-Car!