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Exponentially Grow Your enterprise With Our ‘Certified Green Media Partner’ program

The Certified ‘Green Media Partner’ Program

The ‘Certified Green Media Exchange Partner’ program is a turnkey business solution designed for dynamic growth.

It’s a best-in-class assisted ‘business-in-a-box’ model that enables you to utilize existing resources and established relationships.

With this program, you can significantly expand your business by amplifying your clients’ marketing budgets and charging a service fee. This is achieved through a unique trade exchange system, where clients’ unsold products are seamlessly swapped for valuable advertising space.

Advertising businesses struggle when they don't maximize their resources

  1. Are you fully leveraging your existing assets for growth?
  2. Is underutilized warehousing and staffing limiting your potential?
  3. Do you seek innovative ways to expand your market presence?

Isn’t it time to turbocharge your businesses potential?

Be a Business ‘Rockstar!’

It’s your right to grow your business!

We recognize the challenges of maximizing business potential and the impact of underutilized resources on your growth.

That’s why we’ve dedicated years to perfecting a transformative platform that empowers you to leverage these resources for business expansion.

Our model enables you to innovate in your region by exchanging your client’s excess inventory for impactful advertising opportunities.


Brands That Have Amplified Marketing Budgets Using Our Platform

Our platform in South Africa has helped companies boost media budgets by converting unsold Gucci Fragrances, LG TV’s, 2 Minute Maggie Noodles, Quicksilver clothes, Star Bucks coffee, Armani fragrances, Gosh nail polish, Guess Sunglasses, Food, Pet Food, Jewellery and much more for advertising.

Case Studies

Our platform amplified our clients’ marketing budgets by R110 million  over the last decade.

Turbocharge Your Clients Media Budgets

Green Media amplifies media budgets in South Africa by turning idle inventory into 2,500 advertising opportunities with 100 Media Owner subscribers, reaching consumers 100 million times monthly

Brands that Love Us

'This partnership has been nothing but win win for us.'
Sharu Sobie
Ascendis Health
'The value-add was incredible, resulting in great share of voice for the brand.'
Jane Wingfield
Global Leading Cosmetics Company
'It's very reassuring to know that we may call on you at anytime."
Wendy Robinson
GQ & Glamour

How To Become The Exclusive Certified Partner in your Region

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Maximise Your Business Revenue

Investment Package


$100 000

(3 ONLY)


*50% of Gross Profit revenue paid to Green Media for the first 12 months through the Assisted Partner Program where you work alongside our team for a full year. Thereafter $100 000 Annual Licence Fees Apply. All legal fees will be for the Partners Account

You deserve to grow your business

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Q: What happens to the products that are exchanged?
A: Unless contractually agreed, the products aren’t sold. Your clients gain extra exposure as media owners use them for promotions and exclusive event gifts. Recons of where the products were distributed can be incorporated into all agreements.

Q: How much advertising will my clients get?
A: It varies, but typically brands receive advertising worth twice their products’ retail value, turning unsold goods into valuable promotional assets.

Q: Will the quality of the advertising be compromised?
A: Absolutely not. Your clients approve all advertising schedules prior to flighting, and you receive a comprehensive Post Campaign Report just like any other advertiser.

Let's do this!

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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now”
Ancient Chinese proverb
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Green Give Back™
Our pledge is to donate 10% of our merchandise exchanged to charity.
‘Very often we get asked for goods we don’t supply because the budget is tight’
Gail Johnson
Nkosi’s Haven

Green Giveback is a product of Green Media.
Green Media is a division of Grapevine Creative Media (Pty) Ltd.

Exchange to Win-A-New-Car!