and how does it work?

Media Barter helps brands not lose money by exchanging their unsold products & services for advertising. It also helps media owners not lose money by exchanging their unsold advertising for products & services. 

Barters are created according to the brands and media owners’ individual requirements, so each deal is different.

  • Brands can achieve significant cost savings.
  • Media owners can monetise unsold advertising space for goods and services needed for day-to-day business operations, promotions & staff incentives. 

Media Barter limits advertisers’ risk by allowing brands to experiment with ad channels they haven’t previously used. It also creates trials as the product is often distributed through promotions that encourage end-users to adopt the product in the future. Almost any in-demand product and service can be bartered for advertising. Barter helps the environment as products are distributed to consumers rather than destroyed or disposed of in landfills. 

Green Media manages each transaction from start to finish for both parties.