What is an advertising trade exchange?
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Monetise Unsold Products
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how does it work?

An advertising trade exchange is a strategic approach that allows brands to exchange their unsold products and services for advertising while enabling media owners to monetize their unsold ad space by trading it for goods and services.

Each exchange is customised to meet the specific needs of the brands and media owners involved, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Benefits for brands include significant cost savings on advertising, while media owners can acquire goods and services necessary for day-to-day operations, promotions, and staff incentives.

An advertising trade exchange reduces risk for advertisers by offering a chance to explore new advertising channels and generate product trials through promotional campaigns. This encourages future adoption of the product by end-users.

A wide range of in-demand products and services can be exchanged for advertising, contributing to environmental sustainability by preventing waste and reducing landfill disposal.

Through their Green Giveback initiative, Green Media has pledged to donate 10% of their goods to charity. As of April 2023, over R11 million in much-needed items have been donated to support various charitable causes.

Green Media oversees and manages each transaction from start to finish for both parties, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

We saved brands over R110 Million over the last decade by exchanging their unsold products for Media.​

Exchange to Win-A-New-Car!