Terms & Conditions for Green Media's Father’s Day Campaign:

  1. Eligibility:The Green Media Father’s Day Campaign (“Campaign”) is open to all legal businesses in South Africa (“Participants”) who own media spaces (“Media Owners”) or products (“Brand Owners”) and are subscribed to Green Media. Participants must have the authority to donate unused ad space or unsold products on behalf of their company.
  2. Campaign Period: The Campaign will begin and end at an agreed time, to be initiated by Green Media within 12 months from the donated period.
  3. Agreement: Participants are required to sign a separate agreement outlining the donation details before the campaign begins. For brand owners, a Purchase Order (PO) must be received by Green Media by the 14t July to qualify for the vouchers.
  4. Vouchers: In return for the donated ad space or unsold products, participants will receive Takealot vouchers of varying value, dependent on the donation value tier selected during the Campaign.
  5. Approval: All donations are subject to approval by Green Media. Green Media reserves the right to refuse any donation if it does not meet the criteria or if there is no demand for the ad space or products at the time of the donation.
  6. Usage of Donated Ad Space: The donated ad space will be used for commercial brands as facilitated by Green Media. The advertiser will not be the charity, but a commercial brand which helps to facilitate the donation.
  7. Charities: The charity selected to support for this campaign will be Jason’s Angel. The chosen charity will receive a donation in the form of essential items, as per the Campaign description.
  8. Matching Contributions: Green Media pledges to match the value of each donation made by Media Owner, effectively doubling the impact of each contribution.
  9. Delivery of Donated Goods: The transportation of the donated products may take up to 14 business days.
  10. General: Green Media reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions or to cancel, alter, or amend the Campaign at any stage if deemed necessary in its opinion or if circumstances arise outside of its control.

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