Terms & Conditions for Green Media's Free Trial:

  1. Eligibility: This offer is only available to new Green Media customers during the month of August. To qualify as a new customer, you must not have used our services prior to the offer period.
  2. Introductory Meeting: To commence the trial, we will schedule an introductory meeting to explain our process, benefits, and terms of the trial offer. This meeting also allows us to set expectations, answer your queries, and better understand your advertising needs.
  3. Briefing Deadline: You must provide us with a brief for the advertising you want in exchange for your products within 5 business days of the introductory meeting. Your prompt response will ensure the process continues efficiently.
  4. Product Delivery: The products that you are exchanging for advertising must be delivered to Green Media within 15 business days of providing your brief. Specific logistical requirements or procedures for product delivery will be discussed during the introductory meeting.
  5. Trial Limitations: The trial allows you to exchange up to R100,000 worth of your unsold products into an equal value of ad space. Additional charges apply for amounts exceeding this limit.
  6. Evaluation Period: After the trial period, we will schedule a meeting to evaluate the outcome and discuss your experience. This meeting will provide an opportunity for us to explore the possibilities for a long-term collaboration.
  7. Offer End Date: This free trial offer is only valid during the month of August. Any trials not initiated during this period will not qualify for the benefits of this offer.
  8. By participating in this free trial, you agree to these terms and conditions. Green Media reserves the right to amend these terms or terminate the offer at any time without notice.

Exchange to Win-A-New-Car!