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Green Media: A Local Powerhouse Tackles a Global Sustainability Crisis

On the path to a sustainable future, Green Media is making significant strides with an unwavering commitment to the environment and community. The company’s innovative platform is reshaping how businesses handle unsold stock, turning potential waste into valuable advertising opportunities and promoting eco-friendly practices.

The “Green” in Green Media reflects the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship. Through a unique business model that exchanges unsold goods for advertising services, Green Media is creating an inventive solution that reduces businesses’ environmental footprints while generating considerable economic value. Over the past few years, they have produced an impressive R110 million in advertising for brands.

Founder Angus Murray-Smith outlines the vision: “Our goal is to divert excess products from landfills, thus fostering a circular economy that benefits businesses, the environment, and society at large. With countless products going unused and wasted, our platform offers a solution to this monumental global issue.”

“Media”, the other part of the company’s name, underscores Green Media’s proficiency in the competitive realm of advertising and marketing. Their platform skilfully matches businesses with customised advertising solutions, transforming potential waste into a strategic marketing asset.

However, Green Media’s dedication extends far beyond environmental concerns. They’ve introduced the Green Giveback initiative, pledging 10% of their products

to charity and, over the last few years, have donated products worth R11 million to various charitable causes. “We are truly humbled to be the recipients of such generous donations.” Said Sandra Nel from the Abraham Kriel Childcare Foundation who received a foodstuffs donation of R504 000.

Murray-Smith proudly describes this initiative, “Our Green Giveback pledge is a true reflection of our commitment

to making a meaningful difference. It’s an initiative we take immense pride in.” But Green Giveback goes even further with its 10X Green Giveback media offering on This initiative provides an unprecedented opportunity for corporations to maximise their investment: for each rand spent on the platform, they receive R5 in advertising value and another R5 worth of products donated to a charity of their choice.

Through the combination of Green Media’s ethos and the Green Giveback pledge, the company is on a mission

to revolutionise the advertising industry. They are integrating sustainability, marketing expertise, and social responsibility, empowering businesses to contribute to a greener world while achieving their marketing objectives and supporting worthy causes.

Murray-Smith encourages businesses to get involved: “We invite you to join us at Green Media. Engage with our growing community of eco-conscious businesses and make a difference.”

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