Terms and Conditions for Green Media’s Impact Exchange ProgramGuarantee 

  1. Purpose: The Impact Exchange Program™ is designed to transform unsold products into advertising and tax benefits for brands, aligning with financial and social responsibility goals.

  2. Compliance: Strategies within the Impact Exchange Program™ strictly adhere to financial regulations, ensuring legal and ethical compliance.

  3. Guarantee: If expected tax benefits are not realized, Green Media commits to deploying accounting experts, at no extra cost, to work towards achieving the agreed financial targets under this program.

  4. Claim Eligibility: Brands can claim under the guarantee if they comply with the program’s terms, including proper documentation of transactions related to the exchanged products.

  5. Claim Submission: Claims must be made in writing within 30 days after the fiscal year end in which the program was used.

  6. Documentation: Clients must submit comprehensive financial records reflecting transactions and tax reporting relevant to the program for claim processing.

  7. Review and Advisory Assistance: Claims are rigorously reviewed by our tax expert, Kerry Arrow. Validated claims entitle the client to professional advisory services for addressing any shortfall in tax benefits, not a monetary compensation.

  8. Limitations: The guarantee excludes issues arising from legal changes post-engagement, client misinformation, or product misuse.

  9. Amendments: Terms may be updated by Green Media, with changes applicable to future engagements and communicated to clients.

  10. Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution: Governed by South African law, disputes under this guarantee are subject to amicable resolution first, then legal arbitration in South Africa if needed.

  11. Contact: For inquiries or claims, contact Green Media at info@greenmedia.co.za. 

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