Impact Exchange Program™


Increase your marketing budget 24-fold by using unsold products for advertising payments!

The hidden cost of excess inventory.

  1. Draining Resources: Is surplus stock tying up funds that could fuel growth?
  2. Lost Revenue: Are you feeling the sting of lost sales from products that remain unsold?
  3. Marketing Budget Woes: Is the cycle of unsold inventory chipping away at your budget?

24X Your Marketing Budget!

Impress your Finance Department!

  1. Amplify Your Marketing Budget X24: Turbocharge your marketing spend by getting ad space for your products

  2. Enjoy Substantial Tax Savings: Expensing these excess products in your books by donating them to charity

  3. Eliminate The Stress: Of managing unsold inventory with the ‘Impact Exchange Program’™

  4. Help the less fortunate: The majority if not all your goods traded are donated to charity that benefit others.

Access The R50 000 Accounting Report That Explains How It Works!

What is the ‘Impact Exchange Program™’?

The Impact Exchange Program is an innovative solution that turbocharges your advertising spend with Green Media by 24 times its value!
By utilising your surplus products to buy media, the program secures you available space from Green Media’s inventory be it TV, Radio, Billboards or Online advertising. 
These unsold products are then donated to charity on your behalf, enabling you to benefit from a Section 18A tax deduction that we secure for you.
This unique approach not only maximises your advertising reach but also supports charitable causes, effectively transforming your excess inventory into a significant marketing and social impact tool.

How to Implement the ‘Impact Exchange Program’™

24X Your Marketing Budget!

Isn’t life too short to not get the results you deserve?

24X Your Marketing Budget!

Embrace a Strategy That Grows Net Profits Through Tax Savings, Amplifies Your Marketing Budget & Helps The Less Fortunate

‘Green Media’s ‘Impact Exchange Program™ Transforms Marketers Unsold Inventory Into Ad Spend.

Kerry-Lee Arrow

  • Professional Accountant (SA) – SAIPA
  • General Tax Practitioner (SA) – SAIT
  • Associate of Kujua Registered Accountants & Tax Practitioners

Access the R50 000 Accounting Report That Explains How It Works!

The Impact Exchange™

Investment Packages


25% discount
R120 000 R90 000
  • Receive advertising-R600 000​
  • Save Tax-R64 800
  • Donate unsold products @ retail: R600 000​
  • Customised Media Plan ​
  • 360° Campaign Management​
  • Final est. investment after tax saving: R25 200​


30% discount
R800 000 R560 000
  • Receive advertising-R4 000 000​
  • Save Tax-R421 200
  • Donate unsold products @ retail: R4 000 000​
  • Customised Media Plan ​
  • 360° Campaign Management​
  • Final est. investment after tax saving: R138 800 ​

*Donated product values are at retail prices, with tax savings estimated on cost of sales being 50% of wholesale price/ 25% of retail. Results may vary. Tax savings are subject to Section 18A regulations. The maximum tax deduction is limited to 10% of taxable income.  Clients are responsible for ensuring compliance with these parameters.  The Impact Exchange Program  is subject to media available in Green Media’s inventory. Green Media arranges logistics; however, direct delivery to charities is your responsibility. Additional fees may apply based on the media selected . Discounts are for single transactions only. Return on Cost (ROC) is calculated by taking the tax savings from the investment and comparing it to the total cost, to quantify the effective return. For custom options, contact your Account Manager. 

Case Studies

Have you got a plan to get a financial return on your unsold inventory?

Green Guarantee

Green Media’s commitment is to streamline your operational expenses with innovative solutions, always ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

Our 100% Guarantee with the ‘Impact Exchange Program™’ assures that if you don’t see the expected tax benefits, we’ll involve our accounting experts at no extra cost to achieve your financial targets.

This guarantee is our promise of effective service and your secure, financially efficient future.


Q: How does the ‘Impact Exchange Program’™ boost my marketing budget?
A: The Impact Exchange Program™ boosts your marketing budget by allowing you to leverage surplus stock to secure advertising space. Instead of having unused inventory, you convert these assets into marketing opportunities. This process effectively stretches your marketing budget because you’re using goods that otherwise sit idle to gain advertising exposure, driving brand awareness and increasing sales without the need for additional cash outlay.

Q: What do you do with the products in the ‘Impact Exchange Program’™?
A: Your excess products are traded for advertising space from Green Media’s inventory.  These products are then donated to local charities, creating a positive community impact.

Q: Can you use an example to explain the financial tax outcome of a deal in the ‘Impact Exchange Program’™?
A: Consider a deal where goods worth R1 million retail, but costing R500,000, are donated to charity. This donation, accounted for as an expense, reduces your taxable income by R500,000. As a result, you save R135,000 in taxes (27% corporate tax rate)

Q: Can I choose whatever advertising I want?
A: In our ‘Impact Exchange Program’™, the advertising choices are based on our current inventory. We have a diverse range of options, but availability is subject to what we currently hold. If you’re interested in advertising outside our inventory, this would require arrangements with respective providers at their standard payment rate using traditional payment methods.  The ‘Impact Exchange Program’™ is designed to offer you effective advertising solutions within the scope of our offering.

Q: Is there a cap on how much I can donate and deduct for tax purposes?
A: Yes, the ‘Impact Exchange Program’™ adheres to SARS regulations under Section 18A, which currently cap the deductible amount for charitable contributions at 10% of your taxable income. Strategically planning your donations within this limit with Green Media is crucial to maximise tax savings.

We’ve amplified clients marketing budgets by R110 million over the last decade.

R11m in goods have been donated to charity through Green Media since 2020

'This partnership has been nothing but win win for us.'
Sharu Sobie
Ascendis Health
Once we starting seeing all the outdoor & mall media, we realised that this is something that we have missed.  We are delighted to see our brand ‘out there’ a lot more. Working with the Green Media has been an absolute pleasure, they are constantly in contact with us and share post campaigns, media schedules etc.'
Karen Liebenberg
Revlon Marketing Manager
'It's very reassuring to know that we may call on you at anytime."
Wendy Robinson
GQ & Glamour
‘Your contributions have directly impacted the lives of the 300 children and adults under our care’
Zelda Rohrbeck
Chief Executive Officer Little Eden Society
‘Your thoughtfulness goes a long way to enable the caring staff of Edenvale Care Centre Hospice care for the terminally ill.
Marlene Hooper
Centre Manager Administration/Fundraising & Projects
'Heartfelt thanks for this enormously kind and generous donation.'
Glynne Wolman
The Angel Network

What are you waiting for?

24X Your Marketing Budget!

All trade exchanges subject to Green Media approval.


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now”
Ancient Chinese proverb
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Green Give Back™
Our pledge is to donate 10% of our merchandise exchanged to charity.
‘Very often we get asked for goods we don’t supply because the budget is tight’
Gail Johnson
Nkosi’s Haven

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