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3 Things That Qualify You To Exchange Your Dead Stock For Advertising

Are you wasting money because you have old inventory that’s not selling? Why not turn it into something of value by exchanging it for media that creates sales?

3 things that are needed to qualify you to swop your out of season stock for advertising:
1.    At least R300 000 in excess products.
2.    The need for advertising to generate sales for your company
3.    TV, Radio, Billboard, or Online ad content that’s ready to flight

We have 150 media owners subscribed to our platform that give you 2385 advertising opportunities on TV, Radio, Online and Billboards nationwide.

Bonus: get a free spa day for two in JHB when qualifying in July to barter your discontinued merchandise for advertising. While stocks last.

See if you qualify to trade your excess merchandise for media.


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