Get More Advertising​
Monetise Unsold Products
Generate More Revenue

Nervous about doing your first trade exchange?

We feel your frustration and know you don’t want your business to lose money because products are not selling, but where do you start when exchanging your unsold product for adverting?

We understand that exchanging your unsold product for advertising is something you have likely not done before or on a large scale. It is a revolutionary concept that has never been done in this way.  After you have exchanged your unsold product for advertising that grows your business you will feel on top of the world. You made a problem go away and are helping the business grow.

We have saved Brands over R67 Million by exchanging their unsold product for advertising over the last decade. Our new online media barter platform allows us to exchange products and advertising at a much larger scale than before meaning you can get more advertising than you could by buying it traditionally which creates much more impact for your brands that leads to selling more products.

You don’t have to haemorrhage cash. You don’t have to stress about what to do with products that just aren’t selling.  You can act. We suggest starting very small to get comfortable. We have exchanged as little as R100 000 of unsold products and as much as R10 million in unsold products for advertising.

Speak to someone in your operations department and find out what redundant product you have available and then simply e-mail us your product list to We’ll get in contact to see if you want billboards, TV, Radio or Online advertising

Each day you don’t take action to exchange your unsold product for advertising the more money your business loses money. Instead of wondering what you can do while you rack up the losses, you can take the first steps:

Getting started is easy:
1. Tell us what unsold product you want to exchange.
2. Tell us what advertising you want
3. Enjoy your increased sales from your advertising

You will feel relief knowing that you add tremendous value to your organisation. Your unsold product doesn’t have to cost you money.

Exchange to Win-A-New-Car!