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Charities often don’t have enough personal care products to go around. Media Owners have vacant media left over at the end of the month and Cosmetic companies often have excess product sitting in their warehouses because it’s not moving off retail shelves fast enough.

As a media owner, you solve a real-world problem when you do an exchange because many of the products are donated to charity. Green Media’s ‘10% Green Giveback’ pledge is to donate at least 10% of the value of all merchandise swopped for advertising to charity in the form of goods and services. “We believe as Media Owners we are in a strong position to help those less fortunate by donating products we come across through barters,” says Nicci Smit from Mix FM.

Green Media has embarked on the ‘10% Green Giveback’ marketing campaign to highlight how Media Owners contribute when they swop their vacant media for merchandise because of the Pledge.

As a valued community member of our Media’s Barter platform, you don’t need to do an exchange to participate in this “Green Giveback” donation.

Just click on a charity of your choice today, and we will automatically contribute R100 000 in personal care products to your chosen charity at absolutely no cost (and no ‘catches’ either):

Nkosi’s Haven

Edenvale Hospice

Girls & Boys Town

The Angel Network

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