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Save money for free by increasing your BEE scorecard

We know how discouraging it is to have empty advertising because it means you aren’t getting a return on your inventory.

At Green Media we swop your unsold ad space for products that we donate to charity on your behalf. This helps others in need, and it also increases your BEE scorecard at no cost.

Exchanging your unbooked media for BEE points is easy. First, barter your unused space for goods. Green Media then donates the merchandise to charity. Lastly, we organise the documents that increase your BEE scorecard.

The first three respondents to this mail can also get a 1-hour free consultation with Caird, our expert advisors, on anything related to BEE.

Each day your media space is unoccupied is lost forever. Save money for free by increasing your BEE scorecard by using a product donation that is the same as a cash contribution.

Schedule a free call today with Green Media to swop your unsold ad inventory for BEE points.

*Green Media will publish an ‘approved by you’ press release on LinkedIn of your donation.

Green Media undertakes all logistics at its expense such as deliveries of products to charities.


*Speak to your verification agency to determine your score based on your circumstances. Green Media handles all logistics. Donating products to a Public Benefit Organisation with at least 80% of the beneficiaries being previously disadvantaged is a great way to add value to society and increase your BEE scorecard. Paul Janisch –

Exchange to Win-A-New-Car!